Line Boring Machine PE50D

punkt nr.: PE50D
PE50D Line Boring Machine

Standard Boring Range: Ø55-Ø350mm

Optiional Boring Range:  Ø40mm-Ø450mm/Ø500mm
Product Name: Line Boring Machine PE50D
  • PE50D line boring machine are a modular, enhanced on-site bore repair machine, it can   be used in earthmoving bore repair, forestry bore repair, recycling bore repair and other on-site machining service. The broken pins, smashed bearings lead to wear or failure of pin and bearing bores,especially many customers’ work is on earthmoving machinery repair. Our portable line boring machine PE50D would be a good choice for them torepair excavator, loader bucket, front end loaders.
  • If you have in-situ bore welding repair need, our digital mobile bore welder can be used with PE50 mobile boring machine together, the operator only need to mount the sleeve, both machines can use the same mounting supports, it can save the trouble of installing the bore welding machine’s mounting supports, PE50D line boring machine with bore welder is as convenient as our line boring and overlay welding machine for boring and welding holes.
  • Your can choose different boring bars for  PE50D Line borer to bore holes in different size on, it provides in-site solution for bore repair and on-site machining to the earthmoving, construction, agricultural industries, excavator maintenance, and Face Head Assembly is available for In-situ boring machine PE50, it can mill the face.

Remark: This line bore machine can be customized to meet your different on-site bore welding and line boring needs.
Standard Accessories:

  • Mounting Supports
  • Tool holder
  • Cutter
  • Electricity cabinet
  • Wrenches
  • Set-up cones
  • Boring bar
  • Servo motor
  • Tools
  • Oiler
  • High precision speed reducer
 Optional Accessories:
  • Facing head assembly
  • Measuring tools
  • Boring bars

Technical data:
Model PE50D
Servo motor or DC motor 1.5KW or 3KW
Voltage 220V or others
Spindle speed 0-85rpm (stepless) or based on requirements
Boring bar Φ50mm (standard) φ/30/40/45/60mm (optional)
Length of boring bar 1800mm (standard)
800/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000mm (optional)
Boring diameter Φ55-φ350mm/(standard), Φ35-φ500mm (optional)
Roughness Ra3.2
Roundness of the hole 0.03mm
Facing dia. For milling Φ70-φ230/300/350/400/500mm (optional)
Perpendicularity of milling end-face 0.1mm
Roughess for end-face Ra3.2