PBW60 Boring and Welding Machine

punkt nr.: PBW60
Boring and Welding Machine PBW60

Boring Range:  Ø35- Ø600mm

Welding Range: Ø35- Ø350mm/Ø600mm
Product Name: Boring and Welding Machine PBW60
· The Auto Bore Welder automated welding machine provides you with an affordable bore
  welding machine. High quality bore welding technology is now available in a ruggedly
  constructed, highly portable and easily affordable package. Now you can:
· Increase both your welding and machining productivity
· Dramatically reduce repair time & costs
· Repair equipment on-site
· Maximize equipment uptime
· Extend the working life of your capital equipment
Standard Accessories:
The main parts for boring
· Servo motor
· Feeding box
· Boring bar
· Self-aligning bearing support
· Bearing mounting plate
· Servo motor
· Speed reducer of the servo motor
· Devices for boring the inner holes
· Center support
· Cutting tool presetter
· Tools
· Electri cabinet
· Control box
· Wrenches
The main parts for the welding
· Feeding box of the welding machine
· Welding bar
· Weldign gun
· Speed wire Hose
· Rotary joint
· Welding wire
· Welding shield
· Welding machine
· Wire feeder
· Feeding motor
· Feeding speed reducer
Technical data:
Model PWB60
Dia.boring bar Ø60mm
Length of the boring bar 2000mm
The boring diamter Ø65-Ø600mm (stadnard) or Ø35-Ø600mm (stadnard)
Speed of the boring bar 1-80rpm
Feeding 0.01-0.5mm/r stepless
Depth of cutting 3mm/300mm
The allowable error of the inner hole 0.025mm
The surface roughness Ra 3.2 ( Ra1.6 is also ok, but the worker should be experienced )
Roundness 0.035mm or 0.02mm
Conicity 0.02mm
Servo motor 3KW, 3000 Rev/min
Speed reducer of the motor PL80-3 and 3:1
Main Technical data for welding  
Welding bar Ø60mm
Length of the the welding bar 1800mm
The welding diameter Ø65-Ø600mm
Speed of the welding bar 0.2-10.0rpm stepless
Feeding 1.5-100.0mm/r stepless
The surface flatness 2mm/Ø100x200mm
Servo motor 0.4KW,3000 Rev/min
Speed reducer of the motor PL80-10 and 3:1